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Dresses & Outfits for Each Round

Shop Pref Night Dresses

If you're looking for the perfect pref day dress to wow your future sorority sisters during the last round of Rush, you're in the right place! Find the PERF Pref dress today!

Shop Philanthropy Outfits

If you're looking for a cute & casual pair of shorts or a skirt to beat the heat and still dress to impress during the Philanthropy Round of Rush, Blu Spero has exactly what you need!

Shop Sisterhood Dresses

Dress your best to watch Recruitment videos and tour your FAV sorority's houses! Sisterhood is all about getting know each Sorority, so let your personality shine through your outfit!

Rush Dresses at Blu Spero

If you're wondering what to wear for Sorority Rush in 2022, have no fear, Blu Spero Boutique is here! We've got the perfect outfits for every round of Sorority Recruitment so you can not only dress to impress, but show off your dazzling personality too! Check out all of our favorite Rush Dresses to find your fav new outfit for Rush today!

2022 Sorority Rush Outfit Guide

Need help styling for college rush? Meet our stylist Blake! She is here to help guide you through each round and what to wear. Head over to and shop our Bid With Blu & Rush Week Collection to see even more information and outfits for each round.