Trendiest Halloween Costumes of 2022



Spooky season is upon us, and now is the time to start planning killer Halloween costumes! If you are like us, we are straying away from being basic and changing up the game with trendy and inventive costumes for this Halloween. At Blu Spero, we have been staying on top of all the latest pop culture trends and can confidently say that we have everything you could need to create a costume worthy of your Insta feed. So take a look at our top "baddie" Halloween costumes of 2022 to make sure you stand out all night long!

Here's some inso for the best Halloween costumes to wear this year!


Be a Barbie Girl in Your Barbie World

Hands down, Barbie is the quintessential blonde in pop culture. Her trademark all-pink aesthetic and “it” girl persona had such a tight grip on the best of us during childhood. In anticipation of Margot Robbie’s debut as Barbie on the silver screen, take inspiration from everyone’s favorite blonde baddie since the 60s and dress in one of her many draw-dropping looks for Halloween. 

While life is not perfectly plastic, you will look nothing less than fantastic as Barbie. Achieve the “barbiecore” aesthetic with hot pink pieces ranging from jumpsuits, pants, and skirts, especially pink dresses! You can recreate Margot Robbie’s and Ryan Gosling's western chic outfits and do a couples costume with your own Ken! You can complete these costumes with a cute pair of hot pink bell bottoms or flairs, a fringe jacket or vest, a cowboy hat, and of course, you cannot forget the cowboy boots! YES!


Giddy-Yup in a Disco Cowgirl Costume

We’re also obsessing over a classic costume that never fails to impress on Halloween, the disco cowgirl! The western and funky and retro aesthetics may seem like an odd match but make a killer combo when paired together. When creating a disco cowgirl aesthetic, think of the staple western chic vibe we all love about Coachella fashion with a little more sparkle. There is so much room to play when putting this costume together but be sure to focus on incorporating metallic, fringe, silver, cowboy boots, pink leather, mini skirts, satin dresses, and other clothing pieces that give off a retro party vibe!

You can also take some outfit inspo from Kacey Musgraves, which is always SUPER popular on Bach trips too!

dress us like you're in bridgerton for halloween!

Look Like the Diamond of the Season

Travel back to 1813, or at least to Netflix’s much more glamorous version of the regency period in a Bridgerton-inspired costume Halloween. Achieving a modernized version of the regencycore aesthetic is easy if you incorporate a few simple motifs in your costume.

The formula to pull off the Bridgerton aesthetic is to wear a light-colored flowy dress with puff sleeves and an empire waistline, which are also fashion elements closely associated with the cottagecore aesthetic, especially the always popular babydoll dresses. If you want to fit in with the titular family, stick to pastels like pink, blue, or purple, and florals and wear accessories like pearls, shining jewels, and delicate hair pieces that show luxury and class without looking too gaudy. Who knows, maybe you will find the duke to your duchess when you show up to the next costume party looking like the “diamond of the season.”


Look “Golden” Like Harry Styles

Like most, we have been obsessing over Harry Styles since his 1D years and think all of his solo songs are certified bops! His bold, eclectic style has captured hearts and eyes everywhere. You can recreate his famous “Love On Tour” looks by donning playful prints, fabrics, and colors. If there is one thing Mr. Styles is known for, it’s slaying in a funky jumpsuit, a matching two-piece set, or a printed top!

Capture the essence of the talented British heartthrob and be daring in a bold jumpsuit with funky statement jewelry to really capture the Harry Styles aesthetic on the night of October 31st. The beauty of his fashion sense is it is unexpected and unconventional, so grab pieces out of your comfort zone and just go for it! His signature color is pink, so styling up a fun pink dress is sure to wow the crowd!

what costume to wear for halloween 2022

The King of Rock & Roll!

If Elvis Presley and Austin Butler have been living rent-free in our heads since seeing the movie, "Elvis," in June, dressing up as the “King of Rock and Roll” himself is the obvious way to go this October. Create an Elvis costume you can’t help falling in love with by wearing a pink two-piece set reminiscent of his famous Louisiana Hayride appearance, or an all-black leather ensemble inspired by his 68’ Comeback Special! Of course, the Vegas-era Elvis, also known as wedding officiator Elvis, is a famous outfit you can create with just an all-white bedazzled suit. 

His rockabilly outfits were known for being over the top. Throwing together statement pieces like high-waisted trousers, bright colors, leather, velvet, and a dash of western wear is another way you channel your inner Elvis with a modern twist. Either way, cowboy boots are a must!

Not everyone wants to look like the person they love, which is okay! Go as Pricilla Presley and dress in the 70s flared pants or a flowy dress if her sophisticated and feminine style is more your vibe. You can even talk your significant other into being the Elvis to your Pricilla and recreate some of their legendary pictures in a couples costume!

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Feel Euphoric in a Euphoria-Inspired Fit!

Are you a Maddy, or are you a Cassie? If you have a friend or frenemy who is the Maddie to your Cassie or vice versa, get inspired by the infamous TV pairing and match with your Euphoria bestie on Halloween night! Like their personalities, each character’s style is distinctive and easy to replicate!

Maddy's fierceness comes out in her clothes, as she often wears chic yet daring clothes in the show. She also gravitates towards darker colors like purple, dark blue, and black. Build your own Maddy costume by wearing a blue, purple, or black dress with a sharp cutout, a cropped top, or matching two-piece set and a set of her signature hoop earrings. 

Like yin and yang, Cassie’s style is the opposite of Maddie’s. Even when attempting to copy Maddie’s aesthetic in season 2, she looked drastically different. Cassie wears more traditional “girly” and feminine pieces, like cute dresses. She often sports softer silhouettes, like babydoll dresses as well. Dress like the gorgeous but messy blonde and wear pink dreses or baby blue dresses, skirts, and crop tops. Oh, and don't forget the eye glitter!

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Sink Your Teeth into a TVD Costume

The recent Twilight Renaissance takes us back to 2008 when broody and mysterious “teen vampires” had everyone and sometimes their mom fangirling. If you have also been sucked back into the supernatural romance revival and are binging classics like The Vampire Diaries, consider breaking out your fangs and rocking their super scary and veiny eyes that appear when they are hangry. This trend has been so popular over the years, hundreds of tutorials for these veiny TVD vampire eyes have been made by a variety of makeup gurus and influencers.

While we live for the undead, you can go as the vampire’s human girlfriend, who is so not like other girls, if you prefer! So show up to the function dressed as the gorgeous human Elena or her equally beautiful but sinister vampire doppelganger Katherine. Nothing screams moody vampire or vampire’s girlfriend more than a leather jacket, tight long-sleeve shirt, and skinny, flared, or boot-cut jeans. A complete costume includes black leather pants, a black jacket, a black shirt, and some makeup. The look is simple but undeniably iconic, and everyone will know you are there to slay and stay for eternity, or at least until the night is over.

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